(M») Mεtεoʀ vs. (τρ♦) Τεαм ‽гΐмε

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(M») Mεtεoʀ vs. (τρ♦) Τεαм ‽гΐмε

Post  Eirik on Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:46 pm

Meteor vs. Team Prime

WCL Rules

M» 145-60 τρ♦️

Notes: Couldn't get a great pic, I had to zoom in to see scores. They decided to go 6v5 since a member ditched, so +10 for missing person. We agreed on -5 each GP for using 2 allies. =|
3 people DC'd after the 2nd race, with no photo proof.

On skype, we remembered our scores.

[2/14/2010 8:09:02 PM] iRik.: 46 27 9 18 (huss's score) (dom's score)
[2/14/2010 8:09:09 PM] iRik.: Dom, first GP score?
[2/14/2010 8:09:17 PM] Dominoz: 23 tied with Huss 23.

M» 144-125 τρ♦️

M» 135-134 τρ♦️


Meteor 424 - 319 Τεαм ‽гΐмε

Ending Notes: I don't like how this team operates. They guaranteed a 6v6, then their player drops out. They tried to get +15 for a missing player, and tried to be lie about it being WCL rules, and then they try to lie about having only 1 ally. =|


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Re: (M») Mεtεoʀ vs. (τρ♦) Τεαм ‽гΐмε

Post  Huss115 on Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:59 pm

3-0 king


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