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MAsylum 3007-8600-8724

M♪Paccy 0087-6427-0475
M♪JR 3480-3120-8453
M♪Chomper n/a



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Team Meteor was founded by Eirik on February 14th of 2010. The mission of Team Meteor is to make a clan full of a community of friends that not only races for fun at Mario Kart, but also excels at it. Along with members, not only does this team share a leisure together, but we are a family.

Throughout Meteor's first life, M was successful with wars along with its personal matters. However, long time vets of the clan decided to leave, which crippled the clan. A hacking accusation laid the last blow on the clan, and it seemed that Meteor would be dead forever.

Now Meteor is back with its best intentions and determination. We are looking for skilled racers with a personality that want to watch each other have fun and succeed. Skype is a requirement, and therefore you must have skype to even have a tryout with the clan.


Contact any of our skypes to ask for a tryout. Leaders should be asked for a tryout, but if no one else is available you may ask others. Before you ask, there are a few requirements. You must have some of the following:

  • 1 Star
  • 9000+ VR
  • Skype
  • Friendly Attitude

  • cloudstrifex88
Eastern Standard Time
War Record
W - T - L
72 - 0 -35

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